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IVLP Alumni Engagement

We are eager to sustain global connections with our ever-growing IVLP Alumni network! At WACNH, we typically host on average 300 international visitors to New Hampshire each year! We hope that you all enjoy learning about the multitude of ways that we support continued engagement post-IVLP programs! Although these individuals' in-person or virtual IVLP experiences in NH have ended, our collaboration efforts and newly formed friendships continue! 

Please enjoy watching our virtual IVLP Alumni Spotlight Series interviews below by clicking on their photos. These individuals are all contributing towards such great work in their own countries, and we are so grateful for the opportunity to reconnect virtually in this space. We hope that these diverse IVLP alumni perspectives highlight how impactful these IVLP programs are on a global scale. 

Please click on photos below to direct you to individual IVLP alumni's stories. Here you will find their virtual interviews and additional information relating to their work. 

IVLP Alumni Spotlight Series:

Ayako Fuchigami

IVLP Participant: Ayako Fuchigami

IVLP Program + Year: "Empowering Women's Political Leadership", 2022
IVLP Format: in-person


My hope is to create a society, along with everyone else, where LGBTQ individuals can contribute fully and participate fully." Ayako

Fanny Alam

IVLP Participant: Fanny Alam
IVLP Program + Year: "Youth Political Engagement in the Digital Age", 2020
IVLP Format: in-person

"Coming to the U.S. and finally visiting New Hampshire, everything changed my mind. I always reflect that we are all the same. We are humankind." - Fanny

Eman Borg

IVLP Participant: Eman Borg
IVLP Program + Year:  "Current U.S. Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders", 2020
IVLP Format: Virtual

"The input that you can give to an IVLP experience online is definitely being transferred to an output of working with the community , working in the grassroots level." - Eman

Mamuka Saparidze

IVLP Participant: Mamuka Saparidze
IVLP Program + Year:  "Youth and Civil Engagement", 2021
IVLP Format: Virtual

"Equipped with new knowledge and greater networking, now it helps the IVLP alumni to introduce new practices and new projects in their local communities. The IVLP alumni can also design such programs that nurture their community's needs and then empower the citizens in many ways." 

Eman Borg II
IVLP Participant: Eman Borg (Part II)
IVLP Program + Year:  "Current U.S. Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders III", 2022
IVLP Format: In-person

"The human aspect is central to the experience that I had on IVLP and I am glad that I had the opportunity....that my wish of having true human interactions through this
program came true."

Disclaimer:  We did not physically host Eman for this project.
However, we wanted to showcase his perspective from now experiencing both a virtual and in-person IVLP. 

Lilian Namagembe
IVLP Participant: Lilian Namagembe
IVLP Program + Year:  
“Mental and Physical Disabilities", 2019
IVLP Format: In-Person

"This program takes you out of your comfort zone and to realize you could do something for the community where you live, and I think it's one of the things that have inspired me to do what I'm doing now."

Santosh Thakur
IVLP Participant: Santosh Thakur
IVLP Program + Year:  "Pluralism in U.S. Society, 2019
IVLP Format: In-Person

"Every Every youth of the world should visit the US under IVLP program, so you know the new world... How the world is progressing and how you can grow yourself with the help of your peers and by the experiences of the people who are living around you."

Dana Zubari
IVLP Participant: Dana Zubari
IVLP Program + Year: "U.S. Social Media Engagement", 2022
IVLP Format: In-Person

"Overall, my experience was really pleasant. Really, the people were extremely welcoming and very kind. I absolutely loved visiting New Hampshire. I definitely want to come back socially. Maybe to go skiing with my family!” 

Haya Rawi
IVLP Participant: Haya Rawi
IVLP Program + Year:  "Advancing Disability in Inclusive Democracy", 2022
IVLP Format: Virtual

"I am grateful for being part of the IVLP program. It was a great opportunity to learn from US experiences and participants’/Colleagues' experiences. The best moment was learning about the disability field in US and mainly related to inclusive diplomacy."

Carlos Rojas Traverso
IVLP Participant: Carlos Rojas Traverso
IVLP Program + Year:  "Global and Regional Economic Corporation", 2022
IVLP Format: In-person

"When I talk about this experience with my friends, I always get a smile on my face, since it is impossible to describe it without remembering the best moments I had. It has been wonderful!"

Anthonia Onda

IVLP Participant: Anthonia Onda
IVLP Program + Year: "The Will of the People ‑ Elections in Democracies", 2019
IVLP Format: In-Person

"The way that the whole democracy and governance works in New Hampshire actually opened my eyes to understanding the process of the democratic process."

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