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IVLP Alumni Spotlight: Eman Borg (Part II)

Monday, February 27, 2023 3:59 PM | Anonymous

We are thrilled to have recently been able to re-connect with Eman Borg, an IVLP alumnus from one of our 2020 virtual programs. Eman has since had the opportunity to participate in an in-person IVLP on the topic of “Current U.S. Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders III”. Although we did not have the opportunity to host Eman here in NH during his time in the U.S., we were eager to check in after he returned home to hear about his IVLP experience and how in-person may have differed in comparison to his virtual experience.

Eman expresses how he has always wanted to participate in an in-person IVLP, and that he was so grateful for the opportunity to travel in the United States for 3 weeks as a second time IVLP participant. Although he found meaning in his virtual IVLP, the in-person opportunity has truly made a lasting impact on Eman’s personal and professional life. The ability to converse with professional counterparts from different communities and countries in person was an extremely meaningful opportunity for Borg. Networking and building new connections cannot always be replicated exactly the same in a virtual environment.

He is looking forward to taking his newly gained knowledge, skillsets, and professional relations with him as he implements new and improved initiatives in his small island of Malta. We are so happy to hear that Eman’s in-person IVLP has made such a positive impact on his life. We cannot wait to see all of the great work Eman continues to dedicate his time towards in Malta!

Thank you so much, Eman! We appreciate you for taking the time to virtually meet with us and for all that you do as an activist in Malta. 

A few photos that Eman would like to share from his travels:

Picture above: IVLP delegation at Capitol Hill

Picture above: Eman at State Department

If anyone would like to learn more about Eman and his virtual IVLP experience, please refer back to his first interview post here

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