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School, Family, and Community Partnerships SCP Nov 12th-16th

Next week NH will host a group of 15 International visitors from Saudi Arabia. They are meeting with a variety of NGO's and school officials and will explore how NH works to bring School, Family and community together NH's youth.

Environmental Conservation Technologies SCP Nov 19th-22nd

Later this month NH will host a group of 8 International Visitors from Russia. They will have the opportunity to explore UAV development in the state. A variety of meetings will showcase NH environmental protection and interaction with local community, UAV's to monitor illegal logging activities and UAVs in forest management.

Civil Aviation and Safety SCP Nov 27th-Dec 1st

Over Thanksgiving week NH will host a group of 5 International visitors from Kazakhstan. They will have the opportunity to enjoy an American Thanksgiving dinner. Meetings with Manchester-Boston Regional Airport and many more aviation safety organizations. 

Tax Administration in the US SCP Dec 12th-14th

In December NH will host 5 International Visitors from Ukraine. This visit will provide a unique perspective on tax administration, as NH does not have a state income or sales tax, but do rely heavily on property taxes, fees, and sin taxes.

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