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Advancing Disability Inclusive Democracy, a Single-Country Project - April 25th - May 6th

We will be hosting six international visitors from Lebanon for this virtual program. During their stay in NH, we have various meetings planned to learn about the American with Disabilities Act, the voting process in NH, and how the office ensures ballot security, counting accuracy, and the accessible voting system, known as one4all. These visitors will get the opportunity to also speak with representatives at various statewide nonprofits to discuss the history of the organizations, its' services, and advocacy efforts in relations to advancing disability inclusion at all levels.

21st Century ChangeMakers: NexGen Media Exposure Strategies for Ethical and Accountable Reporting, a Multi-Regional Project - May 8th - May 10th

We are hosting our first in-person multi-regional program for 2022 with international visitors representing 7 different countries! This group will meeting with a variety of news outlets in the state to learn about ways they investigate and verify the news they are reporting daily. 

Sharing Best Practices on Holocaust Education, a Single Country Project - May 18th - May 21st

We will be hosting 10 international visitors from Greece for this in-person program. Teachers within the Greek educational spectrum will get the opportunity to learn more about U.S. best practices regarding Holocaust-related education and curriculum development. The main themes will include discussions of the Holocaust as a historical event, as well as how Holocaust education fits into current day curriculum. These teachings can connect to broader themes of teaching human rights, inclusivity, and interfaith dialogue within the U.S. school system. 

Combating Illegal Fishing in Lakes and Coasts of Africa, an Inter-Regional Project - May 19th - May 24th

We are excited to diversify our IVLP programming with a new topic for our IVLP program! 10 international visitors from 10 different countries within Africa will be participating in this in-person program. Themes will highlight state-led efforts to protect fish populations, as well as how to support and promote best practices among fishing communities. We have a diverse array of professional meetings planned to meet resources connected to the process of formulating and ensuring compliance with fishing policy and regulations, promoting best practices for healthy and local seafood markets, and how universities and aquaculture extensions play a role in promoting good fishing practices.

Transparency and Accountability in Government, a Regional Project - May 29th -June 1st

We will be hosting 15 international visitors for this in-person program.  Themes for this program will include discussing 'Right to Know' laws, financial transparency at the state level, and local open government initiatives. We are also planning meetings that will highlight laws and regulations used by journalists to help obtain information. These IVLP participants will also have the opportunity to attend a Memorial Day parade as part of their weekend cultural opportunities in NH. 


In the past year WACNH has worked to navigate the challenges of the pandemic by working with the Office of International Visitors at the State Department and Global Ties U.S. During this time we have rapidly and successfully implemented IVLP Virtual Exchanges. While these will never replace in-person programming, it is proving to be a valuable tool for continuing to engage our global community in vital exchanges of ideas.

With many recent advances in vaccines the, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State has set a potential date of March 1, 2022 for in-person programming to resume.

Please note, the safety of U.S. citizens, as well as our international visitors, is a top priority. Additional updates will be provided once more information is received.

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