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International Visitors Program

WACNH hosts more than 275 visitors from more than 75 countries each year, with an economic impact of more than $660,000 in the state.

As the only Granite State member of Global Ties U.S., WACNH hosts up-and-coming leaders from around the globe though a U.S. State Department initiative. The visitors are here to learn from local professionals about specific subject matter and take that knowledge back to their home countries.

Whether it's an animator from Uruguay or a CEO from Madagascar, we create a series of programs based each visitor's individual needs with resources from around the state.
 Visitors also have the opportunity to take part in our home hospitality initiative, thanks to members of WACNH, our citizen diplomats, who offer a meal and a conversation in local homes. This program is important in both its social and economic impact; visitors stay in local hotels, shop in local stores, and eat in local restaurants, all while building a positive impression of America. Learn more about our economic impact on the state.

To offer home hospitality to our visitors or provide a professional resource, contact Program Director Anise Jasman

To become a business sponsor of the International Visitors program, contact Executive Director Tim Horgan

More about this program:

WACNH is one of more than 90 community organizations around the country that host visitors through the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs International Visitors Leadership Program- the department's premier professional exchange program.

This program brings approximately 4,000 foreign leaders and specialists to the U.S. for short-term (one- to thre
e-week) professional programs. Participants in the national program, who are leaders and decision-makers in their home countries, travel as individuals or as part of pre-arranged groups.

Some of the groups are fully funded by the U.S. Congress through its appropriation to the U.S. Department of State, while others receive little or no financial support from the U.S. government. The national program constitutes a major component of this country's public diplomacy efforts
 to foster mutual understanding and cooperation between the U.S. and other countries.

Through a long-standing public-private sector partnership, the U.S. government works with national private, nonprofit organizations and a network of volunteer-based organizations that are members of Global Ties U.S., a nonprofit organization established in 1961. Together, these organizations design and implement quality, experiential programs for distinguished international visitors. Through its grassroots network, the national program involves more than 80,000 volunteers each year as citizen diplomats who develop enduring international linkages.



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