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Episode #37 - december, 2021

Over the past several years the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire has hosted a number of exchange participants from Afghanistan to talk with them about ways to improve their countries. From government officials to nonprofit leaders, these people have left a lasting impact on the people of New Hampshire. In this episode, WACNH executive director, Tim Horgan, speaks with an alumni of a 2019 exchange that brought together visitors from across the Middle East. The visitor recounts her experiences in leaving the country during the hectic evacuation lead by the United States.  This personal account provides you with an inside look at the challenges people faced and decisions they had to make in order to escape to a better situation.

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Our speaker for this podcast episode wishes to remain anonymous, as she still has family in Afghanistan who could be at risk if the Taliban identified them. What she is willing to share about herself is that she visited the United States (New Hampshire specifically) in 2019 through a U.S. Government funded exchange program. She has fond memories of her time here in New Hampshire and learned a lot. This program was transformative for her and she regrets she did not have more time to implement changes back home.  

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