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US Elections: A Project for Young Political Leaders: July 22nd - 26th

A split of 8 participants from a much larger group will visit New Hampshire to learn about elections in the state.  Meetings to discuss how State, Federal, and Local elections are managed and run will be the main focus.  They will also have the opportunity to talk with current campaigns and learn about how they work to win election and how non-profits are working to get under-served groups to participate in elections.

Women in Politics: July 24th - 27th

New Hampshire will play host to 8 people from Afghanistan to learn about women's role in politics here in the state. They will meet with elected officials, non-profits, and other organizations working with women to promote their engagement in the political system. Discussions will focus on the skills necessary for women to successfully hold elected office, as well as how the US supports women in government. The group will take this knowledge back home with them and continue to grow the number of women in the government of Afghanistan.

The Role of NGOs in Promoting Global Women's Issues: July 26th-28th

26 people from around the world will visit New Hampshire to engage in a women's empowerment workshop and meet with local NGOs.  While here they will learn practical skills and see examples of programs designed to empower women and girls.  Discussions will focus on how to become a leader and ways to make changes in their home countries to better serve women in their communities.  The group will leave with better knowledge on the challenges women face in New Hampshire and how we work to solve those issues.

Refugee Resettlement and Integration: August 3rd-7th

A group of 4 people from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe will visit New Hampshire.  During this time they will meet with the various actors in refugee resettlement, from State Agencies to non-profit organizations, to learn about how we support refugee integration into our communities. This will provide them with the opportunity to learn from NH, but also for NH organizations to learn how resettlement is structured and supported in Europe.

Best Practices for Drug Use Demand Reduction Related Programs: August 18th-23rd

New Hampshire will host a group of 6 visitors from Pakistan to talk about programs designed to reduce the use of drugs.  Meetings with government agencies and non-profit organizations combating the epidemic here in NH will help the visitors to better understand best practices to get people off drugs. Conversations will also be held on how to work to prevent people from becoming addicted in the first place and will be an important aspect of their program.

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