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Politics and Elections in America: October 27th- November 1st

6 people from 5 different countries will visit New Hampshire to learn about the intersection between politics and elections.  Meetings with political groups, government officials, and community members will allow the group to gauge the hot button issues that are important to everyday Americans and how they are making their political decisions.

U.S. Elections: October 30th- November 2nd

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 5 politically active people from Nigeria to learn about the upcoming elections. Being here a week before voting, the group will get a final look at election preparations and what the outlook moving forward is.  NH will be their first stop, so they will also get a great overview of the US government and how it functions on a daily basis, with a big focus on the idea of Decentralization.

Modern Techniques in Campaigning: November 2nd - 5th

A group of 2 Party Leaders from Malta will visit New Hampshire to learn about how campaigns function in the state.  Meetings will be arranged with political consulting firms, campaigns, and news organizations to give them an overview of what makes up a successful campaign.  The group will leave with a better understanding of the new strategies being used here in the US and how they can implement similar techniques back home.

Grassroots Politics in the U.S.: November 6th - 9th

11 political actors from around Central and South America will visit New Hampshire for Election day.  The group will have the opportunity to observe election day activities and talk with those involved in creating a successful campaign and election.  They will focus many of their discussions on advocating for environmental policies by different organizations and what successes and challenges they ran into in trying to reach out to voters.

U.S. Electoral Process: November 6th - 12th

This group of 7 people from the Middle East and North Africa will visit New Hampshire to observe the elections and talk about what the results mean.  Day of election activities will include visits to the polls and various events throughout the day.  Meetings throughout the week will provide the group with the opportunity to learn about what happened in the election, what campaigns feel they could have done better, why they were successful/or not, and what the outlook going forward is.

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