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Best Practices for Drug Use Demand Reduction Related Programs: August 18th-23rd

New Hampshire will host a group of 6 visitors from Pakistan to talk about programs designed to reduce the use of drugs.  Meetings with government agencies and non-profit organizations combating the epidemic here in NH will help the visitors to better understand best practices to get people off drugs. Conversations will also be held on how to work to prevent people from becoming addicted in the first place and will be an important aspect of their program.

The US Higher Education System and University Partnerships: August 25th-28th

5 people from Egypt will visit New Hampshire to learn about our higher education system and the ways we educate our youth.  Meetings at both the University of New Hampshire and Southern New Hampshire University will provide the group with insights into online learning, global engagement, and Zoology while they are here.  Once they return, they can work on strengthening their universities in Egypt.

Our Oceans: Youth Ambassadors: September 9th-13th

Portsmouth will play host to a group of 25 young people interested in protecting our oceans to learn about programs going on in the state.  Meetings with various ocean related organizations and university programs will allow the group to learn about best practices in education and protection of the various resources we have.  The group will return to their various countries better prepared to continue growing their leadership positions.

Government Decentralization: September 21st - 24th

A group of 5 visitors from Tunisia will come to New Hampshire to learn about the Federal system and local control.  NH is a perfect place to talk about this for the group, as Local Control is an important part of our government structures.  Meetings with state and local governments, as well as non profit organizations will focus on the functioning of government and the role of citizen groups to effect change in their local governments.

Women Leaders and Government Service: September 29th-October 4th

WACNH is proud to host 8 women government officials who are some of the first elected women in Saudi Arabia.  We will arrange for them to meet with government officials here in NH and talk about best practices in government work.  They will also meet with inspiring women leaders and learn about why NH has such a high participation rate of women in politics.  These meetings will help them to improve their own legislative skills, as well as learn how to encourage other women to run for office.

Rule of Law and Judicial Reform: October 2nd-5th

Middle Eastern legal professionals will come to New Hampshire in October to learn about how our judicial systems work and what they can do to improve their systems back home.  Discussions with various legal experts will show the group the positive nature of our justice system, as well as some of the areas we are struggling with still.  This will allow the group to better understand best practices, as well as some of the pitfalls of the US system.

Constitutional Reform: October 4th - 8th

6 visitors from Sri Lanka will come to NH to learn about how political reforms are done in the US.  They will have the opportunity to meet with government officials and non-profits to talk about the legislative process and what the role of advocacy agencies are in the state.  They will also learn about how difficult it is to make changes to the State Constitution, which is part of the reason Legislators are still paid only $100 per year.

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