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Strategies for Global Transparency and Accountability Addressing Misperceptions of Corruption: March 26th - 29th

A group of 6 people from India will visit New Hampshire to learn about transparency efforts in the state.  While here, they will meet with government officials and non-profit leaders to learn about different ways that transparency is promoted and how the private sector can hold the public officials accountable for their actions.  Conversations could also focus on why transparency is beneficial to the government, as much as it is to the public.

Change Makers: Women in Political and Social Sectors: March 28th-30th

6 women from Nepal will visit the state to talk about how women are involved politically.  Meetings will be arranged with various government and non-profit leaders to talk about women's empowerment and how Nepal can increase the number of women in their government.  This will allow the group to culturally adapt best practices from the US to bring about gender equality back home.

Improving the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Slovakia's Judiciary: March 29th- April 1st

New Hampshire will host a group of 5 judicial officials for discussions with our judiciary about how it functions.  Meetings with judges, non-profits, and government officials will all focus on ways in which Slovakia can reform their systems to better serve the people.  Conversations can also be held on the role of the judiciary in creating more efficient systems to ensure the rights to a speedy trial.

Current US Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders I: April 2nd-4th

15 young leaders from all over Europe will visit New Hampshire to learn about the current issues facing the state.  Meetings with government officials, non-profits, and community members will focus on how the state approaches these issues and what has seemed to work in making New Hampshire such a wonderful place for people to live.  Conversations on the challenges and solutions here in the state will help the group to look at their own issues in a new light, leading to changes back home.

Internationalizing and Engaging State-Level Higher Education: April 7th

A group of 5 people from India will come to New Hampshire to talk about Higher Education and how to build international partnerships.  Meetings with various university departments will allow the group to gain a better understanding of how higher education works in the US, as well as how students are exposed to international opportunities.  Conversations will also focus on how partnerships are built between universities here and abroad to ensure credits transfer.

Accelerating Anti-Corruption Efforts: April 13th - 15th

New Hampshire will play host to 5 visitors from Indonesia who are coming to look at preventing corruption.  They will have the opportunity to meet with non-profit agencies that are working to ensure the NH State Government remains open and transparent to the public.  Conversations will focus on their efforts to obtain information, as well as advocate for change in government.

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