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Combating the Opioid Epidemic: February 21st - 24th

A group of 5 visitors from Canada will visit New Hampshire to learn about the issues the state faces with the Opioid Epidemic and the responses that are being implemented to help end it. Discussions with various stakeholders will focus on successful ways in which the drug problem is being addressed and how New Hampshire has finally started to see a drop in overdose deaths.  Conversations with government officials, NGOs, and private sector organization will highlight this trip.

Academic Integrity in the US: February 21st - 24th

New Hampshire will play host to 4 visitors from Moldova who are interested in learning about how higher education institutions ensure academic integrity in various settings.  Conversations with different universities will provide the group with a great overview of how higher ed looks for cheating and what the process is to address issues that come up. Discussions will also be held on the due process and where things are headed in this field.

Higher Education in the Digital Age: March 1st - 6th

7 people from Belarus will come to New Hampshire to find out about how higher education in the state is leveraging technology to increase positive educational outcomes.  Discussions here will be held with a variety of higher education institutions to talk about online learning, technology in the classroom, and learning about technology for future careers.  Conversations could also focus on why technology has such a big role in leveling the playing field for learners of all levels.

NGOs and Healthcare Policy: March 18th -21st

A group of 4 people from Kyrgyzstan will visit New Hampshire to learn about healthcare in the state and the efforts of nonprofits to improve the systems and policies.  Meetings here will focus particularly on HIV/AIDS policy and the programs throughout the state that are working to prevent, reduce, and treat this disease.  Conversations on both policy, education, and prevention efforts will be of particular interest to this group.

Furthering the US-India Relationship Through Higher Education: March 26th - 29th

New Hampshire will host a group of 4 visitors from India to talk about how higher education can build connections between the two countries. Conversations with various institutions will provide the group the opportunity to create connections and talk about ways exchanges can be created that will benefit both American and Indian students. Discussions could also be held on the process for accepting students on a full time basis in each country.

Women in Politics and Civil Society: April 14-18

8 people from around the world will visit New Hampshire to learn about how women are involved in politics and civil society.  NH is a great place for this group to visit with the large role women play in State, Federal, and Local governments.  Conversations with women in politics and the organizations that work to support and promote them will be arranged for this group.  Also, the opportunity to learn about the overall political landscape will be important for them as well.

Workforce Development and Empowering Youth: April 21st-24th

New Hampshire will host a group of 10 people coming from Africa to talk about workforce development programs and how to engage youth. Meetings here with various educational institutions, companies, and government programs will give the visitors a wide overview of the workforce development needs of the state.  This is of particular importance to New Hampshire with our aging population and low unemployment rates.  Conversations at these meetings will focus on the skills people learn through these programs, how they benefit the employer and employee, as well as why the government is supportive of these efforts.


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