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Citizens Against Violence: April 26th - 30th

A group of 4 people from Bangladesh will visit New Hampshire for conversations on creating change in the community without the use of violence.  Discussions will be held with various non-profits and government organization on how they advocate for change, while maintaining a peaceful demeanor.  These meetings will help our visitors to better understand how the use of violence can actually undermine your efforts to make change.

U.S. Presidential Elections: April 27th - 30th

10 people from Thailand will visit New Hampshire to learn about Presidential elections in the state and how they function.  Meetings will be set up with various political offices, non-profits, and government organizations that are involved in running and observing the elections.  They will also have the opportunity to meet with media organizations to talk about how they cover politics and why their role is so important to informing the electorate. 

Opportunities for Young Entrepreneurs: May 8th - 11th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 7 people working to expand access to entrepreneurship opportunities for young people.  Meetings with non-profits, government agencies, and entrepreneurship promotion organizations will be the main focus here.  They will learn from counterparts in the field and have a chance to meet young people along the way.

US Presidential Elections: May 18th - 21st

A group of 4 people from India will visit New Hampshire to learn about the Presidential election cycle.  While they are here, the group will meet with various election officials, Party members, and campaigners to learn about how elections are run and won in the state.  It will give the group a great overview into why New Hampshire plays such a large role in selecting the new President and why so many people do come out to vote in the state.

Librarians as Defenders of Intellectual Property Rights: June 28th - July 2nd

A group of 9 Librarians from Barbados will visit the state to learn about intellectual property rights, as they pertain to libraries.  Meetings will be arranged with various different libraries for the group to have conversations on the unique IPR issues for each. Also, meetings with copyright and university publication officials will be a main topic here to talk about how works are protected before making it to the public.

Politics and Trade: A Project for First Time Members of Parliament: July 2nd - 6th

During this time a group of 7 first time Members of the Indian Parliament will visit New Hampshire to learn about the intersection of politics and trade.  Meetings with government officials will highlight the importance that trade plays here in NH and what the current connections between the State and India are.  Discussions will also be held on the ways in which NH and India can increase their trade partnerships and build a stronger economic future for both. The group will also take part in 4th of July events.

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