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New and Traditional American Media in the Digital Age: June 10th - 13th

12 people from China will come to New Hampshire to talk about the evolution of news media as more and more news can be consumed online.  Meetings with various media organizations will focus on how they are adapting to the digital age and why multimedia platforms are so important to reaching new audiences. Conversations will also focus on how the media can keep the government open and transparent through their reporting.

Library Resource Management: June 17th-20th

New Hampshire will play host to 10 librarians from Mongolia to learn about how they provide services to the community.  Meetings with public and private libraries, as well as nonprofits will provide the group with the rich history of libraries in NH.  Conversations will focus on how they can fill community needs in various ways and what the future of libraries is in the state.

Youth and Civic Activism: June 17th - 20th

During this time 5 visitors from Haiti will come to New Hampshire to talk about how to engage youth in the wider community and support their development. The group will have the opportunity to meet with various youth services organizations to talk about the programs and supports that are provided to young people in New Hampshire.  Their will be a strong focus on civic activism and the positive influence young people can have in society.


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