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Consular Services: August 24th - 26th

A single visitor from Mongolia will visit New Hampshire to learn about Federal Passports and Visas.  Discussions with government agencies about the application process for these documents and the services required to issue them will be the main focus of these meetings.  Also, discussions with other records keeping agencies will help this visitor to better understand the way the government tracks important information.

IVLP Gold Star Alumni: August 25th - 29th

As a part of the IVLP outreach program, every year the Department of State selects outstanding alumni of the program to come back to the US and talk about how their original trip changed them.  This year we are happy to host an educator from Morocco to talk about his work with youth back in his home country. He will also join us for the Diplomacy Begins Here Summit on August 27th as part of a panel on youth.

Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation: August 29th - September 2nd

A group of 8 from Thailand will come to NH to talk about social entrepreneurship.  Here these visitors will have the opportunity to meet with various non-profits, companies, and research organization to talk about the effect of social entrepreneurship on the economy.  Discussions will also be held on how the state is working to promote and support social entrepreneurs in a variety of ways.

Disability Rights: ABLE : September 1st - 5th

Finishing their three week tour of the country in New Hampshire, this group of 13 visitors from the Middle East will visit to the state to learn about how we strive for an inclusive society.  Discussions will range from independent living, to research and outreach, to early intervention, and will consist of meetings with a variety of organizations.  The group will leave with a better understanding of how people with disabilities are affected, supported, and enabled in everyday life.

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