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 US Prison System and the Criminal Procedure Code: August 15th-18th

5 people from Uruguay will visit New Hampshire to learn about the US justice system and how it is managed.  They will have the opportunity to meet with government officials, private sector supporters of the incarcerated, and tour facilities that house convicted persons.  Discussions here will focus on prisons and how they function, as well as how the state prepares inmates for reintegration into society.

The US Judicial System: August 30th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 5 people from Israel for a one day program to talk about the US Judicial System.  In their short time here, they will learn about the Federal Court system, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and services for indigent defendants. Conversations will focus on how services are provided and ways each entity is trying to make the judicial process as smooth as possible.  

Youth Peace Leaders: Promoting Peaceful & Participatory Elections: September 8th-12th

During this time New Hampshire will host a group of 6 people from Bangladesh to learn about elections and how youth can get involved.  Conversations with campaigns, non-profit organizations, elected officials, and others will focus on the running of campaigns and what the voting process is here in New Hampshire.  The group will be here on Primary Day and can take the time to observe a wide range of election day activities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the United States: September 16th-18th

10 people from China will visit New Hampshire to learn about the supports the state provides to entrepreneurs.  Here the will meet with business owners, government officials, and educators to talk about why entrepreneurship is important to support and how people can best go about it.  Conversations will also focus on the efforts of organizations to protect their intellectual property rights.

Promoting Media Literacy through Education: September 21st-27th

A group of 16 people from East Asia and the Pacific will visit New Hampshire to learn about media literacy and how to teach it.  In an age where young people are bombarded with different forms of media, they are in need of new tools to digest and understand the information they are receiving.  Conversations with non-profits, educational institutions, and government agencies will focus on their strategies to reach out to young people and help make them discerning consumers of media information.

American Pluralism; Politics, Policy, and Economics: September 30th-October 3rd

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 14 Europeans to talk about politics here in the state.  Conversations will be arranged with campaigns, NGOs, and government entities to learn about the issues facing the state and country.  Discussions will also focus on how campaigns are managed, funded, and influenced by advocacy groups.  


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