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NGO Management: June 1st - 6th

9 people from a larger Multi-regional program will visit New Hampshire to talk about non-profit management.  Here they will have the opportunity to meet with different non-profits, management companies, and organizations that help build up the non-profit sector.  Discussions will focus on best practices in management, program implementation, and financial management, so they can improve on the NGO sector back home.

21st Century Toolkit for Effective Grassroots Advocacy in Difficult Environments: June 21st-24th

New Hampshire will play host to 8 people from across Europe to talk about grassroots advocacy and how to engage different constituencies to create successful change.  The group will meet with various non-profit advocacy groups here in the state, as well as government officials, to talk about what the best practices are in effective and ethical advocacy efforts.

Academic and Public Library Leadership: June 21st - 24th

Ethiopia will send 7 people to New Hampshire to learn about our rich library tradition in the state.  Visits to various public and private libraries will have the visitors looking at best practices in management and service provision to the community.  Conversations on why libraries play such a large role in NH, as well as how they have evolved over the years, will be the main focus of their time here.

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