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Governance and Anti-Corruption Efforts: January 24th - 28th

4 visitors from Kazakhstan will come to New Hampshire to learn about best practices in the prevention of government corruption.  They will have the opportunity to meet with various government agencies and non-profits who are working to maintain the openness of state and local government.  This program will show them that indeed, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Capacity Building for Legislative Staffers: January 27th - 30th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 4 legislative staffers from Moldova to talk about politics in NH.  They will have the opportunity to meet with their counterparts to learn about the role they play here on the local level.  The group will also gain a better understanding of how the government works, as well as how NGOs can help to ensure transparency and accountability.  Discussions with various leaders in the field will hopefully help the visitors to make changes back home when they return.

Prison Management: January 27th - 31st

A single visitor from Greece will visit New Hampshire to learn about our prison systems here in the US.  Through visits to jails and prisons in the state, he will learn about the various issues and successes that are found throughout NH prisons.  There will also be meetings with non-profits who are trying to reform the system and provide a better outcome for prisoners than they are currently receiving.  All of this will hopefully help him to reform the prison system in Greece when he returns home.

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation: Waste Management: January 30th - February 4th

A group of 5 visitors from Indonesia will visit New Hampshire to learn about environmental protection and resource conservation.  Meetings will be arranged with various State Programs and NGOs to learn about what we are doing to protect our oceans, land, and air resources for their future enjoyment.  This will be a great way for the visitors to learn more about how the government and non-profit sectors can work together in order to better the world we live in.

Accountability in Government: January 29th - February 4th

8 visitors from a larger group of international visitors will split off and visit New Hampshire to learn about our government structures that keep it accountable to the people.  We will arrange for meetings with government and non-profit leaders who are engaged in transparency initiatives who can provide best practices in the field.  These meetings will help the visitors to better understand how to use transparency to build confidence in government.

Youth Policy in the US: February 8th - 11th

A group of 5 youth experts from Kazakhstan will visit New Hampshire to talk about youth leadership development and policies to support that.  We will have the group meet with various stakeholders and learn from them about how the US works to promote youth leadership.  The group will have the opportunity to meet with young people, as well, to talk about how they interact with these programs and how they can help to shape policy directed at youth.

Business Education and Economic Development: February 11th-14th

7 people from Belarus will be in New Hampshire to learn about our business education systems.  Meetings with different universities, state agencies, and economic development organizations will be arranged for the group.  They will learn about teaching strategies, partnerships between businesses and schools, as well as what the overall structure of higher education looks like.  This will help them to better understand how the US prepares the next generation of business leaders to succeed.

Changemakers: Higher Education: February

Our second virtual exchange will come from the Caribbean to learn about higher education in the US.  Meetings will be arranged with various universities, both here in the state as well as around the country, to help the visitors better understand how we educate our population.  Also, discussions will be held on how to increase collaboration between universities and to send more students both to the US and the Caribbean. 

Small Business and Entrepreneurship: February 22nd-25th

A group of 14 business leaders from the Near East and North Africa will visit New Hampshire.  They are interested in learning about business and entrepreneurship while they are in the US.  Here the group will meet with various business groups and have a business workshop to help them work through issues around their own organizations and unique circumstances.  It will be a great opportunity for them to connect with their business counterparts and learn about best practices in the field of entrepreneurship.

State and Local Government: February 25th - 27th

5 visitors from Israel will come to New Hampshire to learn about best practices in State and Local Government.  They will have meetings with government officials on various levels, as well as non-profits working to engage people in politics.  This will help the group to see how the government functions and to take back ideas that could enhance the Israeli government.

US Foreign Policy: February 25th - 28th

A single visitor from Poland will come to New Hampshire to learn about US foreign policy as it relates to the Arctic and international relations.  We will arrange meeting with leaders in both these fields to help him better understand US policy positions and how they are made.  It will also focus on how the world affects New Hampshire via refugee resettlement and international trade.  Discussions will help the visitor to gain a better understanding of how US governments work and what policy leaders are doing to engage the world.

The American Language II: Connecting English Teachers to U.S. History and Culture: March 10th - 12th

New Hampshire will host a group of 21 people from various countries around the world to talk about education here in the state.  They will visit various State Level agencies to better understand the policies and requirements surrounding teaching English.  An opportunity to meet with a linguist will also be arranged for them to learn about the development of the English Language.  This trip will help them all to better understand the U.S. education system and best practices in building English language courses.

Women as Political Leaders: March 11th - 16th

6 women from South and Central Asia will visit New Hampshire to learn about our long political tradition of high female engagement in politics.  We will set up several meetings with elected, female, officials to talk about the various experiences they have had as politicians.  This will help our women to better understand how to help other women become engaged in politics, as well as how to strengthening their own political skills.

Women as Political Leaders: March 15th - 18th

A group of 12 women leaders from across Africa will come to New Hampshire for discussions on women in politics.  They will have the opportunity to meet with various different women throughout the state who have experience in political life to learn about best practices in engaging women in politics.  The meetings will help the group to better understand why New Hampshire has such a large contingent of women representing them and the benefits this brings to the process. 


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