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Exploring Evidence Based Alternatives to Incarceration as Part of Prison Reform: April 19th - 22nd

New Hampshire will play host to 5 visitors from Brazil to learn about ways in which governments can reform their judicial systems to put fewer people in jail and focus on rehabilitation.  Meetings will be arranged with various judicial officials and prison reform groups to talk about best practices in the field.  Discussions will also be held on the pros and cons of working to keep people out of jail.

Local Government Basics: April 21st - 24th

A group of 7 visitors from Pakistan will visit NH to learn the basics of managing a local government. They will have meetings with various different government officials and non-profits to discuss the best practices in providing services, transparency, constituent relations, and other topics.  This will help them to better understand the various aspects of local government and implement what they learn back home.

Separation of Power in the US Political System: April 25th - 29th

5 visitors from India will come to New Hampshire to learn about politics and the separation of power.  Their trip to New Hampshire will focus on political leadership and youth engagement in the US. While they are here, they will also engage in a volunteer activity to help them better understand the volunteer spirit of the US.  Meetings will be arranged with various actors within and outside the government for them to gain a better understanding of how it works.

NGO Management: April 26th - 29th

During this time NH will host a group of 25 international non-profit managers from various countries.  This group will focus on three different themes while here in NH, fundraising, leadership development, and the use of social media.  Discussions with non-profits throughout the state will provide them with the skills necessary to become better leaders and create stronger NGOs all over the world.

Building Effective Government-Civil Society Partnerships: May 7th - 13th

4 participants from Brazil will visit New Hampshire to learn about public private partnerships in the state.  We will set up meetings with various government, non-profit, and other organizations to talk about how they are working with each other to make a more effective government.  Discussions will focus on how these partnerships were formed and what is making them so successful.

Government Oversight: May 16th - 20th

A group of 4 visitors from Korea will come to New Hampshire to learn about government's role in maintaining transparency throughout its systems.  Here the group will meet with government officials, judicial members, the media, and others to talk about how NH's government is kept open to the public.  This will help the group to better understand ways in which citizens and organizations can work to ensure the government is accountable for their actions.

Entrepreneurship: May 17th - 20th

New Hampshire will play host to 6 visitors from Bolivia who are coming to talk about Entrepreneurship.  The group will have the opportunity to meet with various businesses, non-profits, and government agencies to learn about how business is promoted and supported in the state.  Discussions on best practices in business management will also be important for this group.

Current Social, Political, and Economic Issues in the US: June 14th - 17th

11 people from all over Europe will visit New Hampshire to focus on government and higher education. They will be in the US to learn about various topics, but with their particular focus here in NH, they will learn about government and higher education structures in the state.  Discussions will focus on how state and local governments are run, as well as how college students are engaged in the political process.  

Climate Change and Renewable Energy: June 14th - 17th

During this time New Hampshire will receive a smaller portion of a group coming to the US to talk about climate change and renewable energy.  They will have the opportunity to visit and learn about renewable energy sources and research here in the state. Discussions will focus on the benefits of renewables and how New Hampshire is working to combat climate change through planning and reduction of emissions.

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