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Government in the US: July 19th-23rd

A single visitor from France will visit New Hampshire to learn about government structures and how they function.  We will arrange for a variety of meetings with government and non-governmental people for her to see, firsthand, how things work in the US.  This will help her to better understand how policy is made here and how that then affects the US's foreign policy.

Current US Political, Social & Economic Issues: July 23rd-25th

Again, NH will play host to a single visitor from France to learn about current issues in the state.  He will have the opportunity to meet with a variety of people and learn about some of the most pressing issues the state is facing.  It will be a great opportunity for him to learn about how the US approaches the challenges we face and to take home best practices on how to engage all sectors of the community in addressing them.

Combating Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women and Children: July 31st - August 5th

A group of 4 from Lebanon will come to NH to learn about the ways we work to prevent domestic violence here in the state.  They will talk about the new domestic violence laws going on the books, as well as meet with the various agencies that work to educate and assist victims of violence.  They will also have a workshop to help them better understand best practices in the prevention of violence.

Trade and Economic Development: August 3rd- 6th

6 visitors from Europe will come together in New Hampshire for discussions on trade and economic development programs in the state.  They will have the opportunity to meet with several state and local agencies that work to promote New Hampshire's economy, both here and abroad.  This will help them to better understand how the economy of the country works and how to better integrate our shared economies.  It will help both sides to make contacts for future business relations.

Advancing Youth Engagement and Leadership: August 3rd - 7th

New Hampshire will play host to 12 young leaders to talk about how the US ensures the active engagement of young people in various aspects of society.  Discussions will be arranged with various groups who work with youth to increase interest and awareness of issues facing the community.  We will help the group to better understand best practices in making young people prepare for leadership roles.

US Economic Policy and Business Trends for Journalists: August 14th - 19th

WACNH will provide the opportunity for 10 journalists from India to visit with the business community here in New Hampshire.  They will meet with various companies, newspapers, and government officials to learn about the NH economy and how it functions.  This will help them to get a better understanding of how economic development functions in the US, as well as how it is covered by the media.

Promoting Women's Issues In the Political System: August 16th - 20th

12 Women from Latin America will visit New Hampshire to learn about women's issues and how they are advocated for on the state level.  Here, the group will have the opportunity to talk with various advocacy and governmental agencies to talk about how they work on different issues and what the major issues affecting women today are.  We will talk about the political system and the advantages/disadvantages of how it functions.

Young Community, Economic, and Social Leaders RISE: Renew, Inspire, Serve, and Empower: August 17th-20th

During this time 9 people from Saudi Arabia will visit New Hampshire to learn about youth engagement in the community.  They will receive the chance to meet with young leaders in the state and talk about how they are working to make their communities a better place.  This will hopefully give the group some new ideas on how to impact their local communities back home.

Combating Gender Based Violence: August 17th - 21st

5 people from the Palestinian Territories will join us in New Hampshire to talk about preventing domestic violence.  We will take them to several non-profit organizations working to help victims of violence recover, as well as to educate the public on dangerous situations and how to prevent them.  The group will look at new laws placed on the books this year and hear about why they are important.

Sharing Best Practices of the US Healthcare System with Leading Japanese Health Journalists: August 19th-21st

A group of 3 health journalists from Japan will visit New Hampshire to learn about our healthcare system and how it functions.  They will have the opportunity to visit hospitals, meet with doctors, and discuss policy with a wide range of people.  This will help them to better understand our health system, as well as allow for an exchange of best practices between our two countries.

Mentoring Youth: August 19th - 22nd

5 people from Algeria will come to New Hampshire to better understand how we mentor youth.  They will have the opportunity to learn from the top youth programs in New Hampshire, both government and non-profit, to gain best practices in ensuring youth grow up in a positive environment.  Also, they will have the chance to talk about how peer-to-peer mentoring can be one of the most successful forms of keeping kids out of trouble.

The Legislative Process in the US:

A single visitor from Afghanistan has been invited to New Hampshire for a program on the legislative process.  We will arrange for meetings with governmental agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders to learn about how the government functions.   This will give him insight into the nature of our volunteer government and show him why it works here.  He will take back with him a better understanding of citizen government and will be able to share this information with his counterparts.
Note: Unfortunately, this program has been postponed.  We will update the dates when new ones are decided.

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