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Cognitive Science Development: October 24th

A group of 6 visitors will visit from South Korea to talk about Cognitive Science and how it is implemented in the various academic, business, and social fields.  They will meet with a variety of academic and student lead organization to talk about how they use cognitive science to improve systems.  This will help the group to get a better view of how this science field works and what it is doing to help the US grow and educate lifelong learners.

Primary and Secondary Education: November 1st - 5th

10 people from Morocco will come to New Hampshire to talk about the education system in the US.  Meetings will be arranged with educators, administrators, as well as public, private, and charter schools.  This will help the group to better understand the decentralized nature of the education system, as well as why we think this is the best way to go about educating the youth of the nation.  The group will also have the opportunity to interact with students and learn more about their daily lives.

Youth Policy in the US: December 13th - 17th

A group of 5 youth experts from Kazakhstan will visit New Hampshire to talk about youth leadership development and policies to support that.  We will have the group meet with various stakeholders and learn from them about how the US works to promote youth leadership.  The group will have the opportunity to meet with young people, as well, to talk about how they interact with these programs and how they can help to shape policy directed at youth.


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