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Women and Entrepreneurship: April 27th - 30th

3 women from France will visit New Hampshire for discussions on women as entrepreneurs.  We will arrange for them to meet with various women business leaders, non-profits, and government agencies to discuss how women owned businesses are promoted and supported.  This will help these women to build their skills as business owners, as well as get best practices to help other women owned businesses in France.

Whale Watching Operations in the US: April 30th - May 3rd

New Hampshire will play host to 9 people from Iceland to talk about whale watching and conservation efforts.  These visitors are working to promote whales as a resource to be protected and used as a sustainable resource for tourism.  Discussions with whale watching companies and organizations trying to protect the oceans will help the visitors to better understand how we work to use these animals to promote tourism to the area.  Also, they will learn about how conservation efforts to save the whales are underway in the US.

Women and Justice: April 30th - May 3rd

6 people from various countries will come to New Hampshire to talk about women and the justice system.  We will arrange for this group to meet with a variety of women's rights groups to talk about how they promote women's empowerment.  Discussions with governmental officials, non-profits, and justice programs will be set up for the group to help them better understand these issues.

WE Americas Program for Women Entrepreneurs: May 10th - 14th

During this time, New Hampshire will play host to a group of 12 women from Latin America to talk about women's entrepreneurship in the state.  We will set up discussions for them with a variety of women's organizations, non-profits, business owners, and governmental agencies to talk about women's economic empowerment.  This will help give them new ideas about how to increase women's economic engagement in their home countries.

The Legislative Process in the US:

A single visitor from Afghanistan has been invited to New Hampshire for a program on the legislative process.  We will arrange for meetings with governmental agencies, non-profits, and other stakeholders to learn about how the government functions.   This will give him insight into the nature of our volunteer government and show him why it works here.  He will take back with him a better understanding of citizen government and will be able to share this information with his counterparts.

Note: Unfortunately, this program has been postponed.  We will update the dates when new ones are decided.

Accountable Governance: NGOs and Civic Society: June 20th - 28th (Open World)

During this time, New Hampshire will play host to 5 NGO and Civic Leaders from Kosovo on the Open World Program.  They will be here to learn about the various non-profit and civic minded groups here in the state.  We will have them talk with various organizations, civic leaders, and political groups to give them an in-depth view of the vibrant New Hampshire non-profit field.


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