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US Elections: September 22nd - 26th

A group of 9 people from the Near East and North Africa will come to New Hampshire to learn about our campaigns and elections.  Meetings with various campaign offices and others who are involved in creating a successful, and fair, election season will help them to better understand our systems.  Discussions will also be held with elected officials to talk about how they run successful campaigns and what it takes to stay in office.

NGO Management and Women's Empowerment: September 29th - October 2nd

14 people from Afghanistan have been invited to travel to New Hampshire.  During their time in the state, they will have meetings with non-profits and political groups to talk about transparency in government, as well as women's participation in government.  These discussions will help them to improve systems in Afghanistan and create a more inclusive government.

E-Government: Developing Technology to Improve Transparency: September 30th - October 6th

A group of 6 visitors from Colombia will come to NH to learn about transparency initiatives in the state.  The people will have an opportunity to meet with multiple government entities that are working to use technology to promote transparency and provide easier access to information. These meetings will help the group to increase their understanding of technology that is out there an how it is helping governments to improve their interactions with constituents.

Current U.S. Social, Political, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders II: October 3rd - 7th

New Hampshire will play host to 7 visitors from all over Europe who are coming to talk about politics and business.  They will have the opportunity to meet with governments, campaigns, and businesses to learn about how the US is set up, run, and supported.  This will help these young leaders to better understand the US and help them explain it to the people they influence.

The Economic Implications of a Rapidly Aging Society: October 3rd - 7th

As New Hampshire is facing a rapidly aging population, similar to what is being seen in South Korea, we will host a group of 8 visitors from Korea.  They will enjoy meetings with groups who are working to understand what the effects of an older population are and how they are trying to combat them. This will give the group new ideas and ways to deal with a their population demographics.

Election Press Coverage: October 7th - 10th

A group of 9 press people from French Speaking Africa will visit New Hampshire to learn how the press covers the Presidential Election.  Here the group will have a variety of meetings with media, NGOs, and Campaign offices to talk about the relationship between the campaigns and the press, as well as how NGOs can work with the press to bring attention to policy issues.  These meetings will help the group better understand what they are seeing when they watch coverage of the elections and assist them in improving media standards in their home countries.

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