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Showcasing the American Technological Experience: Dec 7th

A day trip to New Hampshire is being arranged for a group of 6 government officials from India.  They will come to meet with organizations working on internet connectivity here in the State and to learn about how technology is used to increase communication efforts.  Discussions will focus on how to expand broadband internet to rural areas and why this is important for growth.  The goal will be to help India better understand how to spread technology to everyone, which is a goal of the entire Indian Government.

The US Experience in Combating Corruption: Dec 16th - 19th

A group of 5 government officials will come to New Hampshire from Ukraine.  Their goal in this program is to better understand how the US prevents corruption in government and business.  With that in mind, meetings will be arranged with various judicial programs that ensure a fair and open justice system, as well as with other government agencies to talk about how we work to prevent corruption in the system.  These meetings will give them new ideas on how to create a society that does not accept corruption as the norm.

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