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Volunteerism in the US: September 13th-17th

5 visitors from 5 different countries will come to New Hampshire to learn about Volunteerism.  The group consists of people of various backgrounds from Bahrain, India, Morocco, Uruguay, and Yemen, who are all interested in learning about best practices in volunteer management.  Meetings with various organizations who rely on volunteers will help them to better understand how to recruit, train, and utilize volunteers to optimize their impact.  The group will also engage in a volunteer activity to help the local community.

Suppression of Illegal Evidence: September 17th - 20th

NewHampshire will play host to 8 visitors from China who are here to learn about the legal system of the US.  As China's legal system is currently undergoing reforms, this group will have the opportunity to learn about suppression of illegal evidence in court cases.  They will meet with various legal officials to talk about how they prevent any issues from arising, as well as how to properly decide whether or not evidence should be suppressed.  This trip will help the group to better understand how to utilize evidence suppression in their own system.

Transparency and Accountability in Governance: September 21st - 23rd

During this time 22 people from Latin America will come to New Hampshire to learn about how to keep government open and transparent.  In an effort to show them how NH works to prevent corruption, the group will meet with a variety of government agencies and non-profits to talk about these issues.  Conversations will also be held on why this is such an important topic to combat.

Insights on America: An Overview of US Politics, Society, Culture, & History: Sept 27 - Oct 1

14 visitors from various countries in Europe will join us here in New Hampshire to learn about our rich political traditions.  Meetings will focus on why New Hampshire plays such a large role on the national political stage, as well as how we prepare youth to engage in their civic duties.  There will also be a focus on our decentralized education system and why the state is so interested in local control.  Through these meetings we hope the group will come to a greater understanding of the diversity and depth of US culture and politics.


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