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Women and Entrepreneurship II: April 12th-17th

A group of 7 women will come to New Hampshire to learn about how entrepreneurship is promoted in the state and the status of women as entrepreneurs.  Meetings with various companies and organizations will provide the group with an overview of the entrepreneurial spirit in the state and what the government and non-profits can do to promote the industry.  Also, conversations will be held on the challenges women face in the business world and how they overcome these issues.

Building Regional Resilience to Environmental Challenges: April 12th - 18th

New Hampshire will host a group of 8 visitors from Southeast Asia to learn about how the region is preparing for natural disasters and recovery.  Conversations with various stakeholders will allow the group to learn about the best practices in community resiliency and what the cutting edge research is showing.  They will also have the opportunity to do site visits to places that have been effected by environmental damage and talk about how the area recovered from that event.

Workplace Diversity: April 14th- 17th

WACNH will host 4 people from Japan to talk about how to best support a diverse and vibrant workforce. Conversations with various companies will focus on the benefits and supports that they provide to their employees to boost retention and productivity.  Discussions will also be held on the importance of a diverse workforce and how it benefits everyone.

Women in Politics and Civil Society: April 14th-18th

8 people from around the world will visit New Hampshire to learn about how women are involved in politics and civil society.  NH is a great place for this group to visit with the large role women play in State, Federal, and Local governments.  Conversations with women in politics and the organizations that work to support and promote them will be arranged for this group.  Also, the opportunity to learn about the overall political landscape will be important for them as well.

Workforce Development and Empowering Youth: April 21st-24th

New Hampshire will host a group of 10 people coming from Africa to talk about workforce development programs and how to engage youth. Meetings here with various educational institutions, companies, and government programs will give the visitors a wide overview of the workforce development needs of the state.  This is of particular importance to New Hampshire with our aging population and low unemployment rates.  Conversations at these meetings will focus on the skills people learn through these programs, how they benefit the employer and employee, as well as why the government is supportive of these efforts.

Children Protection and Parental Rights in the U.S. Judicial System: April 27th -       May 2nd

Coming from Indonesia, this group of 5 women will look at the different programs in the US to help protect children, as well as what the family law system looks like here. Conversations with various government and nonprofit organizations will allow the group the opportunity to learn about child kidnapping, violence reduction, harm reduction, and the power of programs to change lives.  Discussions could also focus on what the child welfare system looks like here in the state.

IPR Enforcement and Protection: May 26th-30th

8 Intellectual Property Rights professionals will come from China to talk about how to protect companies' IPR and why it is so important to do so.  Discussions with educators, lawyers, and companies will focus on why IPR is such an important topic, economically, and how strong protections can lead to more economic growth. They can also talk about how weak protections can lead to a reduction in economic activity.


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