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Judicial Reform and Modernization: February 4th-9th

The World Affairs Council of NH is pleased to host a group of 4 visitors from Italy to talk about Judicial systems.  Various meetings will be arranged with state and local court systems to talk about how they are modernizing their systems and making courts more efficient.  Discussions with these bodies will help the group to understand the difference between the State and Federal Courts, both in terms of decentralization, as well as their efforts to keep electronic files for all cases.  It will also be interesting for the group to have the opportunity to visit the Superior Court Call center, as this is a leader in the field.

Political Coverage of the Primaries: February 5th - 10th

A single visitor from the UK will come to NH to learn more about the Presidential Primaries and how the press covers them.  As a member of Buzzfeed UK, our visitor is focusing on giving his readers an in-depth look at the Primaries and his experience here in NH will undoubtedly give him the chance to see things first hand.  Meetings and observations will be set up with campaigns, events, academics, non-profits, and reporters for him to gain a true understanding of what the tone of the election is and where people see things headed from there.

Young Political Leaders: February 9th - 11th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 7 young political leaders from Brazil.  The group will have the opportunity to observe the Presidential Primaries and to learn about how NH supports and promote young political leaders.  It will be a great opportunity for them to see how government in the state functions, as well as learn more about how the Primaries are shaping up.  Meetings and observations will include visits to polling centers, campaign events, non-profits, and academics.

Advancing Youth Engagement and Leadership: February 9th - 12th

A group of two visitors from Macedonia will come to NH to observe and learn about the Presidential Primary.  The group will attend Primary day activities, such as visits to polling stations, campaign events, and stops at campaign offices to see how the day progresses.  After the results are in, the group will have the opportunity to sit down with various observers to the process and talk about the results and the information that can be gleaned from the voting.  It will also give them the opportunity to talk about the importance of New Hampshire to the Primary process.

Youth Volunteerism in the US: February 10th- 12th

5 youth leaders will come to NH, from Georgia, to talk about how youth engage in their communities.  Here the group will have the chance to meet with non-profits, government, and other youth leaders for open conversations about volunteerism.  This program will help the group to better understand best practices in engaging and retaining young volunteers.

Integrating Immigrants and Refugees into US Schools: February 10th- 13th

New Hampshire will play host to 10 visitors from the Ministry of Education in Estonia.  The group will visit schools, refugee resettlement agencies, and non-profits who are working to help integrate these populations into the wider community.  Discussions will help the group to better understand the challenges and successes that will hopefully allow them to better deal with these issues back home.  It will also be a great opportunity for them to learn about the diversity of the state and the benefits it confers on the community as a whole.

US Judicial Systems: March 19th - 23rd

A group of 20 judicial officials from around the world will visit New Hampshire to learn about our judicial branch.  This group will take a specific look at the juvenile court system and how we try to divert first time offenders from the court system.  Discussions with both court officials and non-profits will give this group a great understanding of the challenges associated with delinquent youth.  Also, conversations will be held on how to decide when the courts are the best option versus diversion programs.

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