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International Parental Child Abduction Exchange: July 22nd-26th

WACNH will host a group of 13 visitors from Latin America to talk about the Hague Convention on International Parental Child Abduction cases.  Here the group will talk to legal professionals who have experiences with these cases to provide them with direct information on the benefits of this Convention and how cases are handled here in the US.  They will also have the opportunity to meet with organizations working with children in the legal system to learn about how we ensure the best interests of the child are taken into account.

Youth Leadership: August 6th-8th

One woman from Saudi Arabia will visit New Hampshire to learn about our youth leadership programs in her effort to start a Ministry of Youth back home.  Meetings with various non-profits and governmental organizations will provide her with the information necessary to successfully start this Ministry. 

Combating Domestic Violence Against Women and Children: August 23rd-26th

A group of 10 people from Saudi Arabia will visit New Hampshire to learn about our efforts to prevent domestic violence.  Meetings with nonprofits working in the field will be arranged for the group.  Conversations will be held on working with survivors, violence prevention efforts, identifying domestic violence from signs, and other topics.  This will help the group to better understand prevention tactics to help implement new programs back home.

Accountability in Government: August 23rd-26th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 8 people from Jordan to talk about accountability and transparency in government.  Conversations with governmental and non-profit agencies will cover their efforts to ensure the governments in NH are open, transparent, and accountable to the public.  They will also look at case studies of when organizations uncovered misdeeds by the government and how those cases were handled.

Transparency and Accountability in Government: September 15th-20th

15 people from Latin America will visit New Hampshire to learn about how and why governments are open and transparent in the state.  Meetings with various governments, non-profits, and press organization will allow the visitors to get an overview of the different initiatives here in NH that ensures the government is accountable to the people.  They will have the opportunity to talk about why this is important and how it actually improves the effectiveness of government.

Current US Political, Social, and Economic Issues for Young European Leaders II: September 30th - October 3rd

A group of 13 young political leaders from around Europe will visit New Hampshire to learn about issues facing the state.  Meetings with a wide range of government officials and non-profits will allow the group the opportunity to talk about how politics work in the state and what role advocacy plays in the process for different themes.  They will also have great opportunities to meet with everyday people and talk about culture and their own countries.

Women and Justice: October 4th - 8th

New Hampshire will play host to a group of 7 women from around the world to talk about the justice system and how women are affected by it. Meetings at prisons, with legal scholars, court systems, and other organizations will provide the group with an overview of state efforts to ensure fair and equal treatment under the law.  The group will leave NH with a better understanding of how our legal systems work and how they might change their own systems back home.

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