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NGO Management in Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development: December 2nd

This program will bring together a group of 10 visitors from Iceland for our first ever virtual exchange program.  Arranged meetings will allow the visitors the opportunity to learn about how Non-Governmental Organizations work to conserve the environment throughout the US and the world.  A discussion has been set up with Timberland to discuss how they engage with environmental organizations throughout the world and promote engagement by their employees.

Strengthening an Entrepreneurial Culture: December 10th - 16th

10 visitors from Iraq will come to NH to talk about how to better foster a strong business climate.  They will have meetings with various business incubators, universities, networks, and leadership programs.  Discussions will focus on women in business, rural entrepreneurship, as well as what skills are necessary to be a business leader.  This program will help them to grow the business sector back home into a robust and thriving economy.

Changemakers: Higher Education: February

Our second virtual exchange will come from the Caribbean to learn about higher education in the US.  Meetings will be arranged with various universities, both here in the state as well as around the country, to help the visitors better understand how we educate our population.  Also, discussions will be held on how to increase collaboration between universities and to send more students both to the US and the Caribbean. 

Small Business and Entrepreneurship: February 22nd-25th

A group of 14 business leaders from the Near East and North Africa will visit New Hampshire.  They are interested in learning about business and entrepreneurship while they are in the US.  Here the group will meet with various business groups and have a business workshop to help them work through issues around their own organizations and unique circumstances.  It will be a great opportunity for them to connect with their business counterparts and learn about best practices in the field of entrepreneurship.

Youth Policy in the US: Postponed

A group of 5 youth experts from Kazakhstan will visit New Hampshire to talk about youth leadership development and policies to support that.  We will have the group meet with various stakeholders and learn from them about how the US works to promote youth leadership.  The group will have the opportunity to meet with young people, as well, to talk about how they interact with these programs and how they can help to shape policy directed at youth.


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