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"Likewise in this city we visited the American family, which lives in other city, state [New Hampshire]. A family I saw on TV or perhaps in their childhood dreams. ... And ... [they] live together, have a daughter[...]who went studying in another state. For dinner, they invited their relatives ... - she works as a correspondent in [New York Times] .... and he's a writer, wrote his prose books for children. Now we are friends on [Facebook]. 
We were greeted very warmly, old house, but so cozy that every detail is in the very place where it should. Things are quite different, and the design style may not combine some components, but everything is so harmonious and cozy...
I can honestly say I would have dreamed of such a family, coherent and cohesive. When each member has its own private space, a time when they pay attention for himself, for his family. Surely they have to and disputes and omissions, but I think they are fine with them cope

Impressions were only positive from state [New Hampshire]. A great opportunity, thanks to the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan, get that experience and new friends, new emotions and ideas." - Visitor from Kazakhstan relating their story from Home Hospitality

Volunteer through our International Visitors Program and have the opportunity to host visitors from around the world in your home for dinner or just coffee. Although the program is open to both members and non-members, World Affairs Council of New Hampshire members have first priority in choosing the visitors they would like to host.


We strive to include classroom visits in each program for our international visitors, linking the world to New Hampshire's classrooms. Not only is it important for future leaders of the U.S. to have exposure to international representatives, but the visits can also help satisfy National Education Standards for teachers around the Granite State.

Please contact Associate Director Tim Horgan to host an international visitor in your home, school or classroom.

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