The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire is one of more than 90 community organizations around the country that host visitors through the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs International Visitors Leadership Program- the department's premier professional exchange program.

This program brings approximately 4,000 foreign leaders and specialists to the United States for short-term (approximately thre
e week) professional programs. Participants in the national program, who are leaders and decision-makers in their home countries; travel as individuals or as part of pre-arranged groups.

Some of the groups are fully funded by the U.S. Congress through its appropriation to the U.S. Department of State, while others receive little or no financial support from U.S. government. The national program constitutes a major component of this country's public diplomacy efforts
to foster mutual understanding and cooperation between the United States and other countries.

Through a long-standing public-private sector partnership, the U.S. Government works with national private, nonprofit organizations and a network of volunteer-based organizations that are members of Global Ties U.S., a nonprofit organization established in 1961. Together, these organizations design and implement quality, experiential programs for distinguished International Visitors. Through its grassroots network, the National program involves over 80,000 volunteers each year as citizen diplomats who develop enduring international linkages.

Over the 2013 fiscal year, the World Affairs Council of NH hosted 264 visitors from more than 60 countries.



Almost 350 IVLP alumni are current or former
Heads of Government or Chiefs of State around the world, including:

~ President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan ('87)
~ President Alvaro Uribe Velez of Colombia ('98)
~ President Mwai Kibaki of Kenya ('99)
~ Turkish President Abdullah Gul ('95)
~ Former Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand ('98)
~ President Nicolas Sarkozy of France ('85)
~ Prime Minister Gordon Brown of The United Kingdom ('84/'92)

FY 2014 WACNH Programs:

    *  Combating Crimes Against Children (Netherlands)

    *  Accountable Governance: Media Accountability (Open World: Russia)

    *  Combating Gender Based Violence (Pakistan)

    *  Interfaith Dialogue in the Public Square (Russia)

    *  Local Governance and Creating Economies of Scale (Bosnia)

    *  Global Ties US Gold Star Participant (Pakistan)

    *  Hague Abduction Conventions/IPCA (Japan)

    *  Arctic Research (Norway)

    *  Accountability in Government (Multi-Regional)

    *  US Government and Healthcare (Taiwan)

    *  Promoting Tolerance & the Social Model Approach for People with Disabilities (Azerbaijan)

    *  Rule of Law and Judicial Reform (South and Central Asia)

    *  Primary and Secondary Education (Afghanistan)

    *  Transparency in Federal, State, and Local Government (South and Central Asia)

    *  Transparency and Accountability (Venezuela)

    *  Accountable Governance (Open World Russia)

    *  Developing Issue Based Campaigns (Iraq)

    *  US Financial Systems (Europe)

    *  Rule of Law (Montenegro)

    *  Religious Freedom (Kyrgyzstan)

    *  The Am. Language II: Connecting English Teachers with US History and Culture (MRP)

    *  Youth Engagement in the US Political Process (Yemen)

    *  National Parks Management and Development (Russia)

    *  Young African Leaders: Democracy in Action, State and Local Government (Africa)

    *  Women and Justice (MRP)

    *  WE Americas Program for Women Entrepreneurs (Latin America)

    *  US Judicial Systems (Philippines)

    *  Promoting Good Governance and Decentralization (Indonesia)

    *  Advancing Entrepreneurs and Economic Leaders (Egypt)

    *  Social Entrepreneurship (Central Asia)

    *  US Foreign Policy (Equatorial Guinea)

    *  Soil Improvement (Turkmenistan)

    *  State and Local Government (Moldova)

    *  State and Local Government (France)

    *  Current US Political, Social, and Economic Issues (France)

FY 2013 WACNH Programs:

    *  Women's Participation in the Political Process (Yemen)

    *  Combating Gender Based Violence (Pakistan)

    *  US Elections (Middle East)

    *  Iraq Election Stakeholders (Iraq)

    *  US Presidential Elections for Young Political Leaders (India)

    *  Strengthening Civil Society (Asia)

    *  Increasing Gov Trans. Through Active Part. of Citizens in the Governing Process (Russia)

    *  Regional Partnerships and Municipal Economic Development (Canada)

    *  State and Local Government (France)

    *  Political Transitions and the New US Administration (Latin America)

    *  Activism Through Social Media (Pakistan)

    *  Accountable Governance: Role of a Legislature (Russia Open World)

    *  Local Government Issues (Hungry)

    *  Educating Youth for Future Leadership (Indonesia)

    *  Women in Action: Promoting Women's Issues in the Political System (Latin America)

    *  Role of Legislators in the US (Armenia)

    *  US Financial Systems and the Global Economy (Europe)

    *  The Influence of Social Media in the 21st Century (India)

    *  Open Government and Access to Information (Brazil)

    *  Citizen Participation in Local Governance in the US (China)

    *  Sustainable and Organic Farming in the US (France)

    Corporate Social Responsibility (S. Korea)

    *  Transparency in Federal, State, and Local Government (North Africa)

    *  Accountable Governance: Role of a Legislature (Serbia Open World)

    *  Accountability in Government and Business (Mozambique)

    *  Integration Challenges Facing New Immigrants (Canada)

    *  Empowering Women Against Domestic Violence (Eastern Europe)

    *  The Legal Framework for NGOs and Public-Private Partnerships (Armenia)

    *  Leadership Development for Young Political Leaders (Indonesia)

    *  Cultural Diversity, Good Governance, and Citizen Participation in US Society (Bolivia)

    *  Industry and Politics (Japan)

    *  Social Entrepreneurship and Businesses for Social Change (Israel and Palestine)

    *  US Governance, Economy, and Politics: A Program for Young Leaders (Spain and Andorra)

    *  Rural Economic Development (China)

    *  State and Local Government (MRP)

    *  Parks, Biodiversity, and Eco-tourism Management (Georgia)

    *  Preventing and Confronting Domestic Violence in the US (Israel)

    *  Arts Management (Egypt)

    *  Current US Political, Social, and Economic Issues (Germany)

    *  US Judicial System (Africa)

    *  Young Political, Economic, and Social Leaders: RISE (Egypt)

    *  Workforce Development and Alternatives in Higher Education (Africa)

    *  Combating Domestic Violence in the US (Georgia)

    *  Interfaith Dialogue: Community Engagement (Egypt)

    *  Tourism and Economic Development (Italy)

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Southern New Hampshire University, our mission partner.

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